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Fitness classes, dance classes and martial arts classes in YOUR local area is the UK's fastest growing directory of fitness, dance and martial arts classes held within the UK.

If you are looking for a fitness class, martial arts class or dance class in your local area, then you are in the right place. Our goal is to become the largest online directory of fitness, martial arts and dance classes in the UK, not only telling you where and when, but also telling you the more useful stuff, the class suitable for beginners, are there showers at the venue, and how much does it cost.

Not only that, but it’s free to use and free to be listed, so go ahead and search some of the classes in your local area.

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Ultimately this is a site that relies on its users and contributors. If you run a class that isn't listed please register and fill in your profile and class information. We'll start telling people about through this site and our social media pages. Just click on the big pink "Class Operators" button above.

If you find class information on this site which is out of date let us know via our Contact Us page so we can do something about it. The more people who help, the more people we can help and the more we can help people!

Above all make sure you try some of the great classes listed on this site. Have fun, get fit and try something new.



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