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About Fit2BFit and How To Contact Us

The website and associated domains is owned by BizGen Ltd a website design and development company with offices in Dorset and Hampshire.

As BizGen Ltd, in addition to building and maintaining websites for our clients we design, build and maintain a number of free information sites such as with a view to trying new things out, testing new ideas and establishing best practices in usability, search engine optimisation and code development.

Many of these sites stem from the personal interests of the BizGen team, such as Mike Eley, the Managing Director, also a qualified Personal Trainer who identified the need for a site such as this based on 2 known problems.

Firstly, fitness class instructors are not well paid. In fact, as is the case with a lot of the leisure industry the pay is appalling. But many stick with it, because they enjoy it. However, that means that they can ill afford expensive advertising rates of local papers, radio and posters etc. Furthermore, many self-employed instructors subsidise their income with part time work and do not have the time to leaflet drop every home in the local class area.

On the other side of the coin, Mike has met many people who wish to attend classes, be it in fitness, dance or martial arts, who complain that they have great difficulty finding out information about classes in their area. Essential information is often omitted from the adverts, such as prices, telephone numbers and experience levels. Many first time class goers are very nervous about their first class and the more mystery we can take out of that first visit, the more likely they are to turn up.

So Fit2BFit was born.

If you have any questions about Fit2BFit please check out our FAQ page before contacting us direct as many of the questions we get asked are dealt with there. Otherwise, please get in touch using the form below.

NB If you are contacting us regarding any incorrect information on the site, please be polite. We will be happy to update the information as a matter of urgency. However, it is the responsibility of class operators to update their own information and while we encourage them to do so regularly (and most do) we cannot be responsible for those who don’t. Thank you.

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