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Want to know more about us? Want to know how to use this site? Want to know how to edit your information or add a class? You should find the answers you are looking for on this page, failing which get in touch, and you can find out how to do that here as well!

How do I add a listing?

If you haven't already registered as a member do so now. Create a profile for your business, add an instructor (if you are a freelance personal trainer simply add your own details here), and then add a class.

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What's the difference between a profile and an instructor?

Many of our class operators are gyms, schools and groups who have more than one instructor working for them. With this in mind we created a top level (profile) which represents the overall business.

The instructor information is specific to the individual instructor. If you are a gym or school you may choose to add multiple instructors. If you are a personal trainer or dance teacher working for yourself you can simply add your own information.

NB If you are publishing contact information for your instructors please make sure you have the permission of the individual first.

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What does the 'Publishable' check box do?

You can choose what information you wish to publish on the main site. For example, you may add some instructor information but want to check with them that it's correct before you choose to publish it.

Also, in order for your listings to appear in the class directory there is some information that we must have e.g. the Name, Telephone Number and Email of the Class Operator/Business. However, we appreciate that you many not wish to publish all of this if your instructors are responsible for managing their own classes and/or you are trying to avoid spam to your main email.

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I have added a class but it is not appearing in the directory?

The two most common reasons for this are:

Incorrect address information, which means that it probably is in the directory but not appearing where you would expect it, so go back and check that you have entered the address correctly. In particular check the spelling of the town and county and make sure the postcode is correct.

Missing contact information for Class Operator/Member will also prevent your classes from appearing. We must have a Name, Telephone Number and Email of the Class Operator/Business.

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Why do you insist on having contact information for the member before publishing class details? I have given contact information for the instructor.

Ultimately the buck has to stop with someone and in the event of our receiving reports of incorrect information, malicious use of the site or any other inappropriate listings we need to be able to contact the members involved. You are free to choose not to publish this information, but by becoming members of you agree that we may contact you in relation to the running of the site and management of your listings.

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Do I have to pay for my listing?

No this site is entirely free of charge for both class operators to advertise their classes and for class users to find a class suitable for them in their local area.

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How do you make money?

We generate an income from the advertising that appears on this site. We hope in time that that will cover the operating costs of the site and more. In the meantime, it's a labour of love.

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I would like to advertise on the site. How much does it cost?

We treat every request on it's own merits based on the size and type of advert you want, which pages you would like it featured on and the level of traffic, average click through rate and revenue per mille our site is experiencing at the time. If you are interested in advertising with us please email us at

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I had a wasted journey because the class information was out of date. Why don't you keep it more up to date?

We do the best we can to encourage our members to update their class information whenever things change. However, ultimately it is up to them to do so and while we are happy to help make those changes when we know something is incorrect, we cannot do so unless we are notified of the changes, and only then if once we have validated that information with the class instructor or operator.

In the event that you discover incorrect information on the site we encourage you to use the contact button provided on both the listing and member profile pages to contact the class operator direct, requesting them to update their records.

If you find that the same operator is repeatedly failing to update their information, let us know and following a notice period in which we give them the opportunity to use the site more professionally we will remove their classes from the site.

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I can't find any classes for ....... ....... in my area. Help?

We are finding new instructors, teachers, schools and groups all the time. If you are looking for something specific that isn't featured, please let us know and we will see who we can find for you. However, please bear in mind that this is a free service and is one of many sites we operate in addition to our main business so it may sometimes take a few days to carry out the research.

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I want to add my class but can't find a category for it?

Sometimes we have grouped very similar categories together under one heading. For example, under Martial Arts > Karate there are many different types of Karate. While some instructors are quite particular about their given style of Karate and feel that theirs should have their own category, we ask you to keep in mind that the purpose of Fit2BFit is to bring together class operators with new and potential class members. Many of these 'newbies' won't know to look for a specific style - they will simply look for 'Karate', so by being too specific you are potentially losing out on new business.

However, we accept that we are still missing some categories because we are not dance or martial arts experts ourselves, and there are new fitness class types appearing on the scene all the time. So if you feel you have a legitimate category to be added just drop us an email at with 'Category Request' in the subject line and let us know what category you would like added. We will do our best to accommodate you.

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I have added an instructor but their details are not showing in the class listing.

This is usually because the instructor was added after you added the classes. Click on Manage Classes and click Edit against a class the instructor teaches. Select the name of the instructor from the Instructor drop down box and submit the form.

You will need to repeat this for each class the instructor takes.

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